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Harriton Boys Lacrosse



  • Registration for the SPRING BREAK TRIP is open! Visit the Spring Break page to register. Also look for the email invitation from the Boosters with complete trip info and invited players. First payment is due December 12th.
  • HOLIDAY FAN STORE is open! Visit the Team Store page for more info and for link to our Squad Locker store. Lots of new items available.
  • Make sure you are on TEAMSNAP. The schedule for the next few weeks, as well as preliminary preseason schedule is on there.
  • All new players should fill out the NEW PLAYER INTAKE FORM on the registration page.

Please reach out via email if you have any questions.
Thank you!

Harriton Boys Lacrosse Boosters

Check out the Harriton Boys Lacrosse Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts (@harritonboyslacrosse).

Have questions?  You can reach the Boosters via email at