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Off Season Training

The team is best served when the players take the field in March properly conditioned and ready to drill together as a team.  While the Harriton Athletic Department offers some supervised access to its on-campus fitness facilities, for players seeking a more substantial and organized strength and conditioning program targeted to lacrosse players, the Boosters have developed a relationship with Spectrum Strength Training (SST) in Bryn Mawr.

For all interested players, trainers Will Huff, Bobby Huff and Rich Bruno will provide a metabolic conditioning program tailored to lacrosse players. (For more information on Will, Bobby and Rich, visit their website at, and follow them on Instagram @spectrum_strength_training and Facebook.)

The training program offers a wonderful opportunity for players to develop strength, stamina, and speed during the off-season at a substantial discount.  The training will focus on body weight training, stability training, movement technique, speed and agility techniques, injury prevention and weight training.  At the outset, each player will undergo a sports performance assessment to determine both individualized training needs as well as overall team issues.

This is our second year partnering with SST for training and we are thrilled to continue this program. ALL players who participated last year improved their strength and conditioning over the course of the program (check out the pictures to the right!), regardless of where their starting point was.  And we found many players added an additional day or two of workouts with SST during the year, and continued to work with them over the summer - a sure sign of this program's success with the players.

The one-hour sessions will be every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM from Monday, September 9th through Wednesday, December 18th for the FALL SESSION, and Monday, January 6th through Wednesday, February 29th for the WINTER SESSION.  They have a great facility located at: 574 W. Lancaster Avenue, Suite B, Bryn Mawr, PA.

The cost of this program will again be subsidized by the Boosters' fundraising efforts, so the cost for each player is $250.00 for the FALL SESSION and TBD for the WINTER SESSION.  This breaks down to less than $9 per session.  The normal rate per person for a group session is at least $25 and upwards of $60 for an individual session.  Please contact the Boosters if your player can only make a portion of the sessions - we can work out a pro rata fee for part-time participation.

***This opportunity is available to all Harriton boys lacrosse players.  Participation is NOT mandatory.***

Any questions, please contact the Boosters at

Registration for Winter Training coming soon...

Will, Bobby and Rich