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Off Season Training

The team is best served when the players take the field in March properly conditioned and ready to drill together as a team.  While the Harriton Athletic Department offers some supervised access to its on-campus fitness facilities, for players seeking a more substantial and organized strength and conditioning program targeted to lacrosse players, the Boosters hope to provide an opportunity for the players to participate in offseason group training and conditioning at a reasonable price.

We have a new training partner this year, Spectrum Strength Training in Bryn Mawr!

The Harriton Boosters are pleased to offer a fantastic fall training opportunity in Bryn Mawr.  For all interested players, trainers Will Huff and Rich Bruno will provide a metabolic conditioning program tailored to lacrosse players. (For more information on Will and Rich, visit their website at

The one-hour sessions (6:30-7:30) will be every Monday and Wednesday evening starting September 17 and running through December 12 for 24 sessions in all.  There will be no training the week of Thanksgiving (11/19 & 11/21).  They have a great facility located at: 574 W. Lancaster Avenue, Suite B, Bryn Mawr, PA.

The specific goals of the training program are: improved conditioning, decreased risk of injury during the season by strengthening muscles around joints most prone to lacrosse injury, improved form and technique on fundamental exercises and implementation of high performance metabolic conditioning.

The overall goals are to improve team performance through loading parameters - exercise selection, order of exercises, amount of weight lifted, number of reps, number of sets, speed at which reps are performed (to increase explosiveness) and rest time (low rest time improves conditioning).

The 24-week program will be divided into training phases alternating between accumulation (more reps/less weight) and intensification (more weight/fewer reps).  This approach prevents plateauing and improves strength, increases muscle mass, decreases body fat and improves overall conditioning.

The cost of this program is $200.00.  This breaks down to less than $9 per session.  The normal rate per person for a group session is at least $25 and upwards of $60 for an individual session.  

***This opportunity is available to all Harriton boys lacrosse players.  Participation is NOT mandatory.***

Any questions, please contact the Boosters at

Off Season Training Registration is closed.  Second session will start in January.

Spectrum Strength Training in Bryn Mawr