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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Website for Harriton Boys Lacrosse

On this website you will be able to register for the lacrosse program as a whole, fall tournaments, the Fall League, and other events throughout the season.  You will also have the option to pay on-line for events.

We also can have active advertising and fundraising on this site, so if you would like to support Harriton Boys Lacrosse - send us an email (see below) and we will work with you to have your business featured prominently on our site!

If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you.


Frequently Asked Questions - for Families New and Returning


We use this website, email blasts and TeamSnap for communication  

Please direct all communication/questions to unless it is personal in nature regarding your player – and then it should be sent directly to the Coach. 


What are we? We are an organization dedicated to supporting the mission and goal of the Coach and the Harriton Lacrosse Program. We refer to it as a “Program” because both our varsity and junior varsity teams are key to the long term success of the program.